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>> get the [ bleep ] out of here now. >> again -- [ inaudible ]
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>> again, the lapd is saying they are still in tactical alert, giving protection to all of the people they have been protecting since the manhunt began. that despite the report no body has been found and no one has gone in to the cabin because it is still too hot. with the death of the deputy that brings dorner total to four people. a short time ago there was a third press conference with the california fish and wildlife
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spokesman. what is significant about what he says is he said firts a report went out that a vehicle had been stolen. the l.a. times reported that dorner had been holed up in another cabin elsewhere and held a couple hostage the last several days. that would explain why there's been no word of him or information about him over the last several days since his burning vehicle was found at the end of last week. a report went out that a vehicle had been stolen, a purple nissan. officials from fe fish and wildlife service were on the lookout when they saw a white pickup truck coming their way. that truck had been reportedly car jacked when the purple nissan -- when the suspect lost control of that. apparently car jacked another driver, car jacked this white pickup. shots were exchanged between fish and wildlife officials and the suspect in the white nissan. he then fled and that's allegedly when he ended up in that cabin.
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this has been a dramatic day. we will play you some of the press conference coming up. we want to look at how the events unfolded today starting this afternoon. let's check in with miguel marquez on the scene all day long. miguel, let's walk through and take a step back and with what we know and what we don't know. there's a lot of conflicting information. we have been trying to make the point all evening long and for the hours we have been covering this that often first reports are contradictory and turn out to be wrong. what do we know and not know? ? >> we know there is somebody in the cabin who is deceased. we don't know whether or not that person killed themselves before police moved in or died in the flames that destroyed that cabin. we don't know how that fire started in that cabin. we know the investigators or the s.w.a.t. team went in with gas. was it that that set it off or did the person inside set off
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that. we know the person tried to make a half-hearted attempt to escape by throwing a smoke canister outside of the door. he was forced in toe the cabin and not able to get out. san bernardino sheriffs office is certain they have the entire area cordoned off, sealed enough that they know he did not get out of it. they had helicopters overhead. they know they were able to keep that person in that cabin and that everything that they know about christopher dorner's last movements or every sighting of him up until that cabin brought him all the way in to that cabin. so it is very likely -- the other thing that i learned earlier, that i didn't think of much when i first learned it, is his cell phone popped on earlier today and it is possible that law enforcement was able to talk to him and at least by voice confirm that it was him, either on the run or in that cabin and try to ascertain whether he had
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hostages in there. that was clearly one of the big points where everything sort of mellowed at one point during the day. everything stopped when they weren't sure whether they could go in to that cabin and take him out. because they weren't sure if there were hostages. at one point they realized there were not and they went in and we are where we are right now, anderson. >> we don't know a lot of the details of the time line on tear gas being fired, whether they did physically go in or whether once that building caught fire whether they just waited outside. we're waiting to get the operational details on that, how much communication, if any, was there between the suspect and the authorities. the other thing that, miguel, i'm curious about. there's been a lot made about the cooperation and publicly, officials, law enforcement officials have been talking about the cooperation between state, federal and local officials in all of this. earlier tonight the lapd gave a press conference saying they had resources standing by, waiting
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at the airport, waiting to be called in by the san bernardino sheriffs department. we never got word whether those resources -- by resources i assume they mean s.w.a.t. team members and the like. the lapd department has been making a big deal this is a san bernardino operation. is there tension about this? >> this gets in to a difficult situation with the different agencies that were involved here. there was a lot of competition between the agencies here. it is not clear that san bernardino was open to other agencies whether it federal, local or counties coming in to san bernardino to assist them. keep in mind, san bernardino scaled back the level of their search throughout the past week thinking that dorner may have left the area. there were several agencies that offered san bernardino a lot of resources along the way, which san bernardino said nope, we're
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covered, no problem. i think the perception among a lot of law enforcement here is one of frustration to some degree. when thursday happened, the truck was up here with the broken axle and dorner set it on fire, the thinking was flood the zone. check every house, check everything. sit on this area. this is the only place he can be. he must be here. it also snowed heavily that night. escaping would have been very difficult in that sort of snow. there were no reports of stolen cars as far as we know in that first day or two. so, there is not many ways off the mountain once you are up there. you have to go farther in to the mountain or get off of it somehow. now we get to a point where san bernardino is having to pull back its searching throughout the day. they said they searched 600 empty cabins but they were searching empty cabins and not all the cabins out there and if it is the case that these individuals were tied up for several days that may be what
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dorner realizes that they would search empty cabins and not focus on those who had people in them. >> it has been a difficult day for san bernardino sheriffs department. they have lost one officer and another officer shot. the officer underwent surgery and is going to be okay but they lost one officer and they have not named him yet that's why we are not giving out the name. there was a press conference with the california fish and wildlife spokesman. this is what he said. it is fascinating. >> i want you to recognize the heart-felt loss we have experienced with one of our law enforcement brethren in the san bernardino department. our hearts go out to the family of the officer wounded. it is a sad day in law enforcement. i want to answer the questions, i can bring you up from the first contact to when we last lost contact with our suspect. so basically, i want to try to
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fill in some gaps. basically what happened is the suspect was driving the purple nissan. there was call out for the nissan. there were two wardens driving and one patrol truck. they were driving down highway 32, and they were approaching two buses. they passed the two buses and noticed tucked in behind the bus was the suspect vehicle. they immediately attempted to do a u-turn, but because of the road being narrow and they couldn't get on top of them. they put the radio call out that they were engaged in a pursuit of the suspect vehicle. the suspect quickly realized he had been identified. he passed the two school buses. by the time our wardens got up, he was in front of the two school buses. he then turned on to glass road.
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our warden, the initial wardens -- the two wardens in the one vehicle who found him didn't realize he turned on that glass road and they continued on in front of the school buses. of course they put out on the radio what was going on. three additional wardens in two vehicles, two were paired up and one by himself, continued on. they ended up turning on to glass road. they were expecting to find the rav -- i'm sorry, it is not a rav. they were expecting to find the purple nissan. that i were looking for the purple nissan. the warden in the front by himself and two behind that were doubled up in their vehicle. the warden in front noticed the white truck driving at a high rate of speed. because he was drawn to this erratic behavior, he took a close look at the driver and recognized him as the suspect.
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before he even had a chance to put it out over the radio, of course they are now driving in opposite directions again. he already passed the suspect vehicle. the suspect rolled his window down and when the second patrol truck came up with the two wardens inside is when he engaged in the shooting with our wardens, as they were driving. he did hit the truck multiple times. the wardens stopped their vehicle. >> thank you. i'm going to go ahead and take a drink. the wardens stopped their vehicle. that's helpful. at that point, where they did engage the suspect the second time he shot at our wardens. they stopped the vehicle. as he continued around the bend in the curve, he went to a location where he could engage the suspect and fired multiple rounds a the suspect as he was
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driving away. it is unknown whether or not he was hit or how many times the truck was hit. that's up in the air at this point. that's basically where fish and game -- or fish and wildlife wardens lost contact with the suspect. the radio call had gone out and now the world is coming to help. >> is it your understanding there were two vehicles the suspect was in, the purple. >> the question is whether the suspect was in two vehicles, the purple nissan and he appeared to be driving too fast, lost control of the vehicle and car yakked the white pickup and fleed the scene when our warden noticed him. >> when the org afl call came out with the purple nissan, did you or your wardens hear that this 911 call came from two women that may have been held hostage and they own that purple nissan and one woman escaped and was able to call for help and
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that's how you guys got the original bolo. >> i don't know the source of it but when it came out everyone was looking for the purple nissan and that's when they noticed the suspect as he was drooifg away. >> any idea who owned that purple nissan. any inclination that this came from somebody who was car jacked, came from a 911, the source of the purple nissan. >> that i don't know the answer to. [ inaudible ] quite a few. yo i don't have the exact number but he did engage with quite a few rounds. more than 12, more than a dozen, more than 15. right around that area. >> did the suspect fire back? >> when he did engage the second vehicle that he passed he held a pistol out the window and fired multiple shots and he hit the truck multiple shots. somebody has asked for my name
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again. >> that is former fbi director tom funties is joining us on the phone. i'm interested if what officials are saying and what condition an other news groups have reported about whether or not christopher dorner is inside of that cabin whether his body has been seen, whether it has been removed. >> anderson, i'm not sure why the discrepancy and why lapd is saying one thing it appears to contradict, a little bit what the sheriffs office is saying, but, i'm going to go by action rather than words. the actions that are that they have called off the search. you don't see hundreds of officers and agents pouring in the area to resume a naunt the mountains and to resume door-to door searches of every house in the area that could have been home invaded by him where he is holding people hostage or
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attempting to steal another car. they called off the check points, as miguel pointed out. if he got to another family and steal their car, you know, they are going to give him a wide-open roadway to drive away and be off and free. the fact they have called off the major search, they are not looking for a fugitive on the mountain top, that they are not looking door to door to see if home invasions have occurred, they are not looking for another vehicle or checking vehicles coming and going anymore from that area tells me that department must be 100% sure that his body is in that cabin and he's no longer free to roam around and terrorize anybody. now, having said that, i think then we question the scaled back dramatically the searches door to door. we know they were originally searching empty cabins. we would have expected that that search would have included every possible home, including residential homes to look for any possible family that could
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have been held hostage and now it turns out in the aftermath of having scaled back that search he was holding people hostage. you would think the sheriffs office wouldn't want to make a similar mistake and scale back too soon with the possible he would take another family hostage and kill more people. everything has been scaled back and called off. i don't care what they say i care what they are doing and what they are not doing is searching for dorner at this moment. >> the san bernardino county sheriffs department said a few moments ago they believe there is a suspect inside of that house, the house that burned down to the ground. therefore, the suspect is dead, the body is still inside there. whether or not they say it is too hot to actually go in. nothing has been removed yet from that structure. as you say, all indications on the ground are based on the scaling down of the operation, the opening of the roadways, the
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fact the road blocks do not exist any longer and in areas where there were dozens or hundreds of police officers there are none in the area that miguel marquez is standing by and it seems they have deescalated this and believe the threat, such as it was is over. tom, appreciate your reporting on this. i want to bring in "los angeles times" reporter joel rubin, who's joining us by phone. what do you make of this apparent discrepancy between the l.a. times, cnn and others have been reporting that christopher dorner's body had been recovered at least a body from that cabin and announcement from the lapd and the announcement that no body has been recovered? >> it is a mystery for sure. it is a very unusual situation that i, at least, in five years of covering the lapd have not found myself in. we can speculate that it might have something to do with them wanting to be 110% sure they know what they are talking about and getting a little frustrated they have some leaks coming out of the scene, or at least
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authorities on the scene talking to news agencies before they want to. especially in situations like this. the departments try -- usually futilely to put wraps on things until they go publicly and that might be what we are seeing here. >> if authorities thought there was any chance that dorner survived or escaped that -- you would think they would be explicit about that to give a warning to people that live in the area because this property that the suspect was on is about ten acres in size, according to to family that owns it. but there are other houses off in the relatively close area. >> yeah. most definitely. your previous guest, i think, really summarized reading the tea leaves very well. i think you would see a very different scenario and scene right now if there was concern that he had somehow managed to get through the dragnet that hey had put around the location. as you said, we are now starting
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to hear san bernardino folks say we don't know for sure it is him. we think that the body, the person, whoever it is, was in there when the building was engulfed in flames. >> i read l.a. times reporting earlier in the day. you guys had information about basically that dorner had been in another cabin and allegedly holding a couple hostage. what have you learned? >> well, we will be coming out -- we are still scrambling to put all of the details together. but what we can tell you is they were made, who were in the cabin to clean the cabin and walked in and found dorner in there. he took them hostage and we're still unclear on the time line how long they were in there. >> this is a different cabin than the one the suspect ended up in. >> correct. it was a different cabin. he took them hostage. took their car.
9:24 pm
it's the purple nissan that the fish and wildlife representative referenced. took that car and then proceeded to be spotted by the fish and wildlife officers. he ditched that car and then car jacked another white pickup truck and then was cornered and crashed that and ran in to the second cabin where this all has unfolded. >> okay. so this is starting to make sense. because there have been -- it's only recently that we realized there was this first vehicle, this nissan, purple nissan that was stolen apparently from the first cabin that he had been in. but then we had gotten a report and heard a local news interview with a friend of the person hijacked in the pickup truck that said the suspect emerged from the woods with a weapon and car jacked this white pickup truck. that would make sense. i didn't understand that he had
9:25 pm
stolen one vehicle from the cabin why is he car jacking a white pickup truck emerging from the woods but the fact he allegedly lost control of the first purple nissan would make sense as to why he would have to car jack another vehicle. >> right. i was listening to the fish and wildlife press conference on the air with you. i was a little confused myself. i don't know if he crashed the purple car and then car jacked the white vehicle or maybe, and this is just speculation, and maybe thought he could make a getaway if he switched cars. who knows. part of the puzzle of a crazy day we are trying to put together. >> that's the first detail i have heard from you on that it was housekeepers who walked in on this cabin. that's an interesting detail. look more for details in the l.a. times. appreciate you joining us. i know it has been a busy day and will be a business nigh night for you. joining me on the phone is kyle martin whose family owns the
9:26 pm
cabin where it went down. the cabin burned to the ground. appreciate you being with us and sorry for all your family has been through and watching your family's home go up in flames. has your family heard from law enforcement about what happened aft the cabin, or are you getting any information from them? >> yeah. i know -- i talked to my mother but as far as the information told to her i don't think much. >> police say the scene is too hot from the fire for them to go in and see if dorner's body is in there. give us a sense of how big the cabin is, how much space the officers and firefighters would have to search through. i know you said there is a fairly large basement, big enough to stand up in and an attic space. can you describe the cabin for us? >> yeah. the cabin itself is about 1800 square feet. and it does have a pretty good size basement, about 800 square
9:27 pm
feet. you can stand up in and everything. the attic itself is pretty small. you have to crawl in it. it is a crawl space area. but, other than that. the property is on ten acres with six other cabins on the property. >> kyle, your family had given significant information to law enforcement early on once i believe it was your mom was watching tv saw this cabin of hers on the television and i believe either you or somebody else contacted law enforcement and you were able to tell there is no cable or phone service. there was a concern that anyone with access to television might be able to watch operational details unfold if cameras were capturing that up close. >> yeah as far as i knew there was no internet connect or
9:28 pm
permanent resident up there anymore and my mom was able to know there shouldn't be anyone in the other cabins. none were rented out. >> it was crucial information because there had been great concern that dorner who picked the cabin by happenstance because that's where he happened to be close to the shootout with fish and game service that had there been hostages or potential hostages, people in the cabins when he got there that would change the a way the tactical teams could pursue and deal with this and could change the time line of any potential going in to this or negotiation. that information was critical to them. kyle, appreciate talking to you, as i have talked to you throughout the day and again i'm sorry for all your family has been going through and i know you said before your thoughts and prayers are with the officer wounded from the sheriffs department and the family of the officer who lost his life. thank you, kyle. we will have more on this
9:29 pm
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in all the drama today, we don't want to forget that four lives were lost and four families lives have been forever changed. we know the name of three alleged victims morks monica quan and she and her fiance keith lawrence were killed and michael crain. we remember them and their family and friends tonight. it has been a dramatic day. we want to look at how all the events unfolded starting this afternoon when after days of silence the manhunt took a heart-stopping turn. something that could have come out of a movie script. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: 12:22 p.m. at california's big bear mountain. san bernardino county sheriffs
9:33 pm
deputies on the hunt for christopher dorner when suddenly a major break in the case. a call from a couple who had been tied up at their cabin reporting a stolen vehicle. >> they reported a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of club view drive. they responded there and received information from the person reporting that the stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very similar to christopher dorner. >> law enforcement sets up a road block. a search begins from the air. at 12:45, a california fish and game officer recognizes a man fitting dorner's description in a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on highway 38 and glass road. the man attempts to flee. hundreds of rounds of gun fire are exchanged. reporter carter evans from kcal tv is caught in the middle of the gun fire during a live report for his station. >> is that someone yelling in the background, carter? >> yeah, authorities are yelling
9:34 pm
at us to get out of here, but we don't know where to go. i hear some screaming. you heard all of the gun fire. >> the suspect escapes in to the forest, holing himself up in the cabin. two sheriffs deputies are shot. one from inside the cab and the other from behind the cabin moments before a smoke bomb is set off. both are airlifted to loma linda medical center. one deputy is taken in to surgery, the other pronounced dead. >> unfortunately, one of the deputies, who was airlifted to the loma linda medical center, we are told by the l.a. times had died. >> by 1:00 p.m., law enforcement has the cabin surrounded. it is about 40 miles from where dorner's burned out truck was found on big bear mountain.
9:35 pm
police break windows, pump in tear gas and urge the suspect to give up. >> i think this is the break we have all been waiting for to get him out this in the open and flushed out and no longer in hiding. my personal opinion is now it is a matter of time. >> the standoff continues. no response from the man in the cabin. s.w.a.t. teams are on high alert. guns drawn. ready to wait out the man, they believe is christopher dorner, the man they have been searching for a week now. then the l.a. times reports a vehicle is brought in to rip down the walls of the cabin. >> he is now the hunted. >> 4:30 p.m., smoke starts to come from the cabin and then flames. >> you see the images as we are seeing them live. clearly a large fire in the cabin. >> a source says the cabin caught fire after police detonated smoke devices inside. >> the cabin is too hot for anyone to make entry. there's been no body located in
9:36 pm
the cabin. the cabin has not yet been searched because the fire is still too hot. any reports of a body being found are not true. >> should point out san bernardino officials came out in a press conference later saying they believe the suspect is in the cabin. that the suspect's body is in the cabin. they have just not retrieved it at this point. randi kaye is joining me live from the lapd headquarters. you have more information from the captain? >> yeah. i pulled him aside, anderson just after the press conference too try to clear up was there or wasn't there a body removed. he said he was on the phone with somebody a few feet from the cabin and he said there were still embers burning and a little flame. it was so hot that no one would have gone inside. he said they were hoping to get in tonight but they didn't know if it would be cool enough to do that. they may have to wait until the morning to do it and he said if they got in there tonight it would take hours because they would have to photograph the
9:37 pm
scene. they have to fatake pictures before they remove the body. there is no way the body would have been removed tonight and identified tonight. he said that will take weeks. >> i want to bring in miguel marquez near big bear and chris in los angeles on the phone and on the phone we have fbi dregter tom fuentes. as we were talking to joel rubin and tom fuente, s, all indications are that law enforcement officials believe that the threat from the suspect has been neutralized, correct? >> well, the clearest indication that we have, anderson, is that three hours ago, two hours ago, there were dozens of police officers on this road blocking this off. they have opened it up now. you can get up to almost to the area where the cabin is still smoldering. every indication that we have is that this is over.
9:38 pm
if it wasn't, san bernardino sheriffs office, i'm sure, would still be going house to house searching for mr. dorner. they are not doing that. the search is effectively over. the road blocks are down. this is done. they will perhaps wait until the morning to bring the body out but it seems clear to me they knew who was in that house, whether from the eyewitnesss who saw them, the sheriffs deputy answer the fish and game wardens who saw him, and others who saw him go to that house or whether or not they got voice recognition and some sort of voice data from him when they -- when his cell phone popped on today and they were able to talk to him and confirm he was in fact in the house or on the run. every indication we have is that he is dead. he is in that house. and now it is a matter of formalizing it. anderson? >> lapd psychologist, chris, you had hoped and you and i have
9:39 pm
been talking the last several days and you expressed public hope that he would give himself up. given what you knew -- from the reading of his so-called manifesto from his writings, did you believe he would, or did you think that it would end in some sort of configuration like this? >> i had always hoped he would hear that message and realize you can always regroup and change your mind, but it did not look like a good outcome for him. it looked like he foretold his own outcome which was not to be taken alive and hurt as many people as he could before that happened. >> what was your sense of how well planned out this was? clearly there had been some level of planning. i mean, there were several years frankly from the time he was kicked off the force to these violent outbursts, these alleged killings that he is a suspect in. he certainly had time to write this so-called manifesto to
9:40 pm
reach out to various people and news agencies, myself included, to track the daughter of lapd official whom he's accused of killing and her fiance. how much planning do you think went in to this? though obviously in the last final hours the plan, whatever it was, kind of fell apart. >> we heard it. >> i agree. i think there was a lot of planning that went in to the fantasies about getting revenge, about his reasoning, about who his targets would be. but at the end of the day, there was a lot of posturing and it all did fall apart, as he felt the great resources of law firm coming to bear upon him. he was on the run and he was stressed. he was making mistakes. he was not as well thought out as he presented himself in a lot of respects.
9:41 pm
thankfully so. he felt the heat and he started to panic. he got desperate. he made mistakes. and law enforcement did a good job of turning the heat up on so that all of those things could occur. >> jewel rubin, there's a lot of questions everyone would like answered. what are the main ones you would like answered beyond an absolute identification of the man whose body is believed to be in the ruins of that house? what are the biggest holes in the narrative that we know? >> well, yeah. obviously, as you said, the i.d. would be a big one. but really there's a lot of questions of -- well, going way back. there's questions of where he's been and what he's been doing since about 2011 when he exhausted all of his appeals to having been fired from the lapd. i would love to know what has he been doing and stewing over and
9:42 pm
what led to him suddenly deciding to put in to action this twisted man neifesto that police attribute to him. we have seen he was formally removed or discharged from the navy a few days before the killings in irvine which he is alleged to have committed and i'm concerned to hear whether that had to do with it or something else and fast forward to the last several days how he managed to avoid being seen with every law enforcement agency in southern california looking for him over the past few days. how he was able to keep such a low pro- file and not be seen is a big question for us, too. >> you talked about the details you and the l.a. times were learning about him being in another cabin and he was surprised by housekeepers who he then held hostage. do you know how long he was in
9:43 pm
the previous cabin for? the day his vehicle was found burning, do we know his whereabouts that evening, where he spent that night? was it in that cabin? do we know? >> we don't. we are still putting the pieces together. we have folks trying to put the time line, that time line or that particular piece of the time line together. we don't know if it was that day when the truck was abandoned and i would have to assume, i think we can safely assume if two maids were missing several days that somebody would know about it and start sounding alarm bells. i'm just guessing here but i would have to assume the period of time is relatively short. maybe today, yesterday. who knows. >> tom fuentes, what questions would you like answered? >> main one is why is the search scaled back to such an extent several days ago and now turns up he is holding hostages in the
9:44 pm
very area of the mountain. that's pretty serious decision to scale back and stop searching and make an assumption he left the area and left the country and in the meantime he is under their nose and holding people hostage they better be searching pretty soon the rest of the homes around there. they could still find a dead family or two on that mountain. possible he got in to somebody else's home and maybe went home to home. he's been in that area ever since the truck was burned last week. there are a lot of questions and i would have a lot of concerns that every resident in that area can be verified to be safe. >> miguel marquez is still with us. is there any evidence, any suggestion that he may have had help? he may have had accomplice, large other small in any way in the last couple of days? >> he had friends. and friends that he communicated
9:45 pm
with quite a bit in the days leading up to this, in the week leading up to. this there is one friend in particular, 600 phone calls went between them in the last two weeks before the deadly spree began. but investigators say they cleared everybody. they talked to them. they wanted to know their relationship with him. were they accomplices? did they help him in any way and there wasn't one individual that they seemed to think helped him in any way. at the moment, it doesn't appear he had any -- that he asked for any help or that anybody crossed any line and assisted him in any way or knew that he was going to carry this thing out. so it does not appear that he had accomplices. he had some support out there. as you know, on facebook and on twitter and other places, there has been support for him. lapd has a checkered past. they are the first to admit it. they were hoping to get beyond many of the problems they had
9:46 pm
with regard to race and this brought up a lot of that ugly history of lapd and i think he found some zus tans, that mr. dorner found some sustenance in that and in his self righteous mind it made sense to him and he was able to cling on to that and feel he was right, even more right than he already felt he was. >> joel rubin, the l.a. times gave us this piece of information earlier this hour, that it was two maids that stumbled upon dorner in one of these cabins, not the cabin where he ended up, but they were taken hostage. do you have any information how long they were held for? were they harmed? was it one of their vehicles stolen, the purple cease nissan is that one of their vehicles? >> that's our understanding but everything is really a jigsaw puzzle right now. just to give you a sense of how quickly things are changing i'm
9:47 pm
sitting at my desk, and an e-mail just came in from somebody who claims to know the two women who were in the building taken hostage and as soon as i get off with you i'm going to call them and see what they do know. it's just -- we don't know all of the details. we don't know how long they were in there. we don't know what their relationship was to the apartment. we're trying to put it all together. >> i will let you go and make the call. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very much, joel. >> randi, lapd says they are on alert and offering protection to potential targets of this man until they get official word and that official word, i'm assume willing come from the san bernardino sheriffs department because the lapd continues to say this is their operation. they are responsible for this scene up by this cabin. they are the ones who this information will come through. >> right. captain smith out here earlier just beside me saying they are
9:48 pm
taking the lead on this. san bernardino county will be taking the lead on this. we are getting a different message than we are getting from san bernardino county in terms of that they are shutting down operations out there in a sense. because here, the captain said they are doing nothing like that. in fact, they still have patrols out. they are still looking for the man named christopher dorner. they still have 50 families protected under police protection here. so they havent given up. he said until they identify that body inside that cabin as christopher dorner or christopher dorner is in handcuffs in jail they are not going to stop looking for him or protecting these families. as we talked about there is one police captain with a wife and six children who hasn't left his house since the manhunt began. until it is -- until that body is identified for sure, they are not going anywhere. >> randi, appreciate your reporting.
9:49 pm
much more ahead from big bear, california. the path was paved with rage. we will dig deeper on why he was fired years ago and later a friend of dorner's who met him in college back when their futures lay ahead of them. i've discovered gold.
9:50 pm
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breaking news tonight. the manhunt for christopher dorner culminating in a burning cabin in big bear, california. the lapd is saying the cabin is too hot for anyone to go in and search. look at the scenario. the allegations that dorner originally made and what was behind his anger at the lapd. it began six years ago when dorner was an officer with the lapd. >> the subject of christopher dorner's rage goes back to an incident in july of 2007. he was on patrol with a female officer, a veteran of the force,
9:53 pm
when they were dispatched to check out a report of a mentally unstable man gamed christopher getler. he refused to leave the grounds of a hotel and after a struggle he and his partner subdued him. then dorner says his partner, who is white kicked getler who was also white twice the chest and once in the face when he was cuffed. he said the kick left a visible injury below the check and left eye. . the blue line he spoke of is a legendary unspoken code of conduct among police that states you never rat out a fellow officer. the lapd did launch an internal investigation in to dorner's complaint but found quote the alleged kicks had not occurred. dorner said the department stated i lied and made up the
9:54 pm
report. according to dorner this was a result of corruption and retaliation on the part of the lapd. terminating me for telling the truth about caucasian officer kicking a mentally ill man is disgusting, dorner writes. with the discovery and evidence available you will see the truth. the evidence dorner points to is the testimony of getler himself. court documents show he told the lapd he was kicked by a female police officer. getler's father also testified his son told him about the attack. nbc 4 los angeles spoke exclusively with getter will's father who says he remembers the night in 2007 when his son came home and told him he was kicked. >> two in the chest and one in the face. >> this is my last report, dorner writes, the lapd has sur pressed the truth and it led to deadly consequences. but did the lapd really suppress the truth? court documents show the testimony of getler and his father was heard by the board of rights, who say, quote, while the board acknowledged that the
9:55 pm
testimony of getler and his father indicated a kicking had occurred, getler is schizophrenic. they found he was unreliable witness and his father's testimony was here say. here say chlt /* /-. >> dorner challenged his firing in the court of appeals but lost. this incident is not dorner's only problem with the lapd. he also accuses officers of rampant racism saying they used racial slurs on the job. he writes, quote, the department has not changed since the rampart and rodney king days. it has gotten worse. in his manifesto he promises quote terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism and excessive use of force will change. the blue line will be forever severed. you have awoken a sleeping giant. >> the lapd said they will reinvestigate the original
9:56 pm
allegations that dorner made. with him dead we may never know why or when he decided to vent his rage in this way. james ucera met corner at southern utah university. they were classmates. what is your reaction to what transpired the last few hours? >> well, it is an indescribable sensation being live on the phone with a television program hearing that your friend just committed suicide or was burned up in a building. it is, i'm not being cavalier about it. it is indescribable. this sort of emotional roller coaster i have been through the past few dans tries to come to terms with everything that has gone on. >> obviously the person you felt you knew is different than the person that the american public has come to hear about the last couple of days. i know you have done this a lot. but describe the person you
9:57 pm
knew, the friend that you remember from your days in school together. >> sure. chris was a guy who was approachable. had a great sense of humor. fun to be around. intelligent. good conversationalist. the kind of guy that i think most people would want to hang out with and spend time. needless to say what has gone on the past couple of days is pretty shocking, but yeah, again, he was just -- he was really, in my experience, a pretty terrific individual for whom i have a great deal of respect. >> i'm wondering if you read the so-called manifesto, if so, if you heard the voice of the person you knew in there somewhere? >> i have not read it. i have seen bits and pieces reported in the media but i haven't read the whole thing to comment on it one way or the other.
9:58 pm
>> is this how you thought it would end, assuming it is over, is this how you thought it would end? >> assuming it is over. i'll tell you, one of the things about chris dorner they always respected is he was a person of conviction and when he made up his mind about something, right or wrong, you weren't going to convince him otherwise. i generally respect that trait but it may have been one of the things that brought about his demise. once he got going on this frankly mission of vengeance he was on, just based on his personality type, the way i knew him, there was not going to be any good end to it. >> james, i know it's been a long day for you and long many days for you. appreciate you being with us tonight. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. take care. >> we'll be right back.
9:59 pm
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that's it for this special edition of 360. we continue our coverage with chris cuomo. >> this is cnn breaking news. we begin in california with miguel marquez. he's in big bear, california. he's been tracking the story all day and he has the latest. miguel, what do we know? >> well, we know there is a body in a cabin just up the road from where we are. and we believe it is the body of christopher dorner. we have confirmed it through several federal law enforcement and through someone who apparently leaked it from los
10:03 pm
angeles police department that dorner is in that cabin and now it is a matter of collecting his body and 100% identifying it. san bernardino sheriffs office push back as has lapd saying they haven't gotten in there and are not sure it is him but they said throughout the day mr. dorner was spotted several times, was in the cabin and never left that cabin. i have from another law enforcement official, federal official that his cell phone, mr. dorner's cell phone went on throughout the day and it is possible they were able to talk to him during the day and confirm he was in there and more importantly he did not have hostages in that cabin. at one.he tried to get out of it, apparently by throwing a smoke grenade out of the cabin and trying to shoot his way out. he was forced back in to the cabin and short time after that, whether he set the fire or whether law enforcement started the fire when pumping gas in to
10:04 pm
the cabin, he is still the cabin. for all intents and purposes this was a huge scene a few hours ago and now police have left, no more searching going on tonight. san bernardino sheriffs office seemingly confident they have their man. chris? >> the story is still developing. part of that is because there are a lot of different aspects of law enforcement. local, city, state, federal involved here. you have been at the press conferences all day. you are coming from the san bernardino sheriffs office. let's play a little sound from cindy bachman at one of the press conferences. here it is. >> we had reason to believe it was christopher dorner because he victims of the car theft said the suspect that stole their car looked like him and his actions after stealing the vehicle led us to believe even stronger that it was him. we have not confirmed that it is
10:05 pm
him. >> you have to remember, this is a very confusing situation. a lot of different law enforcement involved. this happened randomly. they hadn't been tailing this suspect. what happened essentially in short hand format is they got a report from people who had their pickup truck hijacked. the people who were driving the vehicle said they identified the man who did it as christopher dorner, the excop, the subject of this manhunt. that of course triggered the suspicion of wildlife and game officers who were there. they wound up getting in to a fire fight with this suspect. they wound up chasing him, the vehicle was ditched. he ran in to the woods, found a cabin. that's when san bernardino sheriffs and a lot of other law enforcement came in, combined assets and surrounded the cab than led to the dramatic end you see here. the cabin in flames. there's been a lot of moving parts an confusion. miguel, when you hear that, the reason cindy bachmann had to
10:06 pm
comen and give a preps press conference, let's get your reaction to it, is after she originally told us they believed they had dorner's body the lapd said we don't know that. we are keeping all security of people in place. we're not sure. then dame came this. your reaction to it all? >> i think she wants to make 110% sure they do, in fact, have him. but it is very clear that officials across the spectrum, with the exception of lapd who says they will keep up their defenses tonight of those individuals who are named in dorner's manifesto, on this mountain this is no more search for dorner going on this evening. one difference in the way this seems to have played out this afternoon, the "los angeles times" reporting it was two cleaning ladies that walked in to the cabin initially. dorner surprised them in there. he then tied them up. he stole their purple nissan car. took off in that.
10:07 pm
the fish and game individuals saw him in that. had a shootout with him. he ditched that car. went in to the woods, car jacked, basically a white pickup truck. he was chased in that until he crashed it and then went to the second cabin and that's where he apparently met his end, chris. >> you took it back even another step. there were literally two car jackings today. there were hostages, we believe for sometime but ultimately no hostages in the cabin. that's what officials believe at this point. there were two shootouts. one with the wildlife and game officers and then the san bernardino county sheriffs were in a separate shoot out where one lost his life and the other shot is told he will be okay. it is difficult when you have so many branches of law enforcement involved it is confusing. at the end of the day all that matters is accuracy and safety and that's the goal of all involved here. let's go to randi kaye in los angeles. she's been following it all day
10:08 pm
for us. what's the latest for you there? >> chris, a short time ago we had the lapd spokesman captain smith come out. he was heat about the fact there had been all of this talk about christopher dorner's body pulled from the cabin and identified as christopher dorner. he said that is absolutely not true. another story trying to clear up if there was or wasn't a body and if there was an identification. he said it is not true. we spoke privately and he said he was on the phone with somebody who was standing next to what was left of the cabin. he said he could see the embers and there was plenty of smoke and fire. he said it was too unsafe for anybody to go inside. they would not have entered what was left of the cab an they said before they were to remove the body they would spend hours photographing the scene, documenting everything. they would never remove the body so quickly. they said they hope to get in
10:09 pm
tonight if things cool down but may have to wait until tomorrow to get inside. >> thank you so much for the reporting and perspective. miguel, thank you to you, as well. long nights for both of you. thank you for doing all of the reporting today. it is interesting, miguel marquez made the point earlier today when there was this confusion and weren't sure if the body was found or not and why. and miguel said we know this, all of the blockades that had been along 38, this route where he was were now gone and the law enforcement perimeter seems to be shifting. now that wound up to be consistent with some knowledge of some type of end point in the investigation in what was a developing situation. which also wound up corresponding with the person on the phone with us right now. the information from a man named tom fuentes. you told anderson and me earlier in the day you received reports
10:10 pm
from law enforcement that they believed dorner was inside. they believed that's high they had to launch a tactical response and put in flash devices or tear gas devices and then we got a confusion of information. as you look at it in the totality of circumstances and what you have learned today, what do you think the best-case scenario is right now? >> i think exactly what we said earlier tonight. that he was in there and killed and did not escape. the information i was reporting on is that somebody at that site an officer at that site had called back to one of their parent agencies and said that he's here and dead. that was vehemently denied by lapd. but something randy said just said is telling and that is the l.a. commander says he was on
10:11 pm
the phone with somebody standing next to the cabin. that tells you people were at the site making phone calls back to their agencies. that could have led to the confusion and they have not been the only phone call made to another officer at lapd which is why information may have come out with what they officially wanted to report. in spite of the fact, i can understand why lapd wants to maintain the protection of the people involved in this until there is absolutely somebody that goes in to that burned out area and finds that body. on the other hand, from the san bernardino standpoint, they have to be 100% sure this is over or they wouldn't have called it off. they have already been burned by it that they scaled back the search on the mountain thinking he is gone, in mexico, we're not going to need as many police officers searching residences and cabins than found out he is holding hostages under their
10:12 pm
nose in a location that should have been a primary search area. i think that is an embarrassment that will be focused on more in the days ahead an how could that have happened? how could they scale back and the guy is up there holding hostages and now tonight, when you have this essential shootout and fire, if there was any possibility that he escaped through the perimeter and got out there, they are facing the same situation. he's already taken hostages and home invaded before. he'll do it before. he'll steal another car. >> that's the point, tom. looking at it from the flip scenario here because you have branches of law enforcement that don't work together that often, and there's so much fear because this man christopher dorner has been so efficient and effective at taking on the police officers and winning, of course, in the most horrible sense of the word. what's the worse-case scenario if there is no body or the body turns out not to be dorner. i know it is a remote possibility.
10:13 pm
>> the worse-case scenario, if that played out to be true and tomorrow or the next day when they get inside of that burned out cabin and discover there's no body or a body of somebody else, let's say, possibly an innocent person, but dorner's body is not found, than this is going to be one of the biggest black eyes on a law enforcement agency we have had almost ever that they stopped the search. they called off the road blocks. they basically scale everything down making it appear they are totally confident that this is resolved and the community is safe and their own territory on that mountain top, all the residents in the area are safe. if they call it off and find out he is not there, he got out. that would be the most incredible -- i don't know, that would be incredible to me. >> i understand, tom. it understand it is remote. but abundance of caution and all that matters is the safety and completion of this coming to an end and we can understand why there is so much uncertainty
10:14 pm
given the confusion and the moving parts. thank you for the reporting all day and i'm sure we will talk to you about this later. >> thank you. >> that's the latest on the manhunt in california. as information comes in we will give it to you. right now we are going to turn to the president's state of the union address. the most powerful and emotional moment may have come near the end when he talked about gun violence. he demanded up or down votes on his gun control proposals and some victims of shooting violence stood, cheered and even shed tears. take a look. >> i know this is not the first time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence. but this time is different. overwhelming majorities of americans, americans who believe in the second amendment, have come together around common sense reform. like background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. senators --
10:15 pm
[ applause ] senators of both parties are working together on tough, new laws to prevent anyone from buying gun for resale to criminals. police chiefs are asking our help to get weapons of war and massive ammunition magazinest magazines off our streets because these police chiefs are tired of seeing their guys and gals outgunned. each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress. [ applause ] if you want to vote no, that's your choice. but these proposals deserve a vote. because in the two months since newtown, more than 1,000 birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun.
10:16 pm
more than 1,000. one of those we lost was a young girl named idea pendleton. she was 15 years old. she loved figure newtons. she was a majorette. she was so good to her friends, they all thought they were her best friend. just three weeks ago, she was here in washington with her classmates performing for her country at my inauguration. and a week later, she was shot and killed in a chicago park after school. just a mile away from my house. idea's parents, nate and cleo are in this chamber tonight along with more than two dozen americans who's lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. [ applause ]
10:17 pm
they deserve a vote. [ applause ] gabrielle giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> interesting aspect of this, of course, the emotion there. especially with all of the victims in the audience. when we did polling after the state of the union about what moved people in different ways, this issue resonated the most in terms of an increase in support for the president's proposition which is to say the numbers went from 61% believing his ideas about gun control policy will make the country better, take it
10:18 pm
in the right direction, went to 70% and those who disagreed with the direction went down just a little bit 31 to 28. that brings the question -- thank you very much for joining me. this issue can be looked at in a couple of ways, we have a lot of side laws they don't make a difference. deal with the big issues, health care, budget, entitlement. but i will begin with you van jones former obama adviser. let me ask you this, do you believe, even with the emotion, do you believe that left and right can come together and get something done that would be meaningful on gun control? >> well, first of all, i think that even the second time you hear the president make that powerful, powerful statement, it's emotional. he really struck a chord. i think that will go down as one of his most defining moments where he spoke to the heart of the issue and the heart of the
10:19 pm
country. i hope that we can get something done. i will tell you why. some funerals get on television. a lot of funerals don't. i think americans are tired of going to funerals and seeing young people in the caskets and old folks like me and you in the pews. i'm tired of seeing prom pictures being used on funeral programs. i'm tired of that. some programs are about assault weapons and we talked about the fact it is mostly hand guchbs. some won't get to the violence but i hope we will. >> because there is one reason, i have covered every shooting since columbine. i have been with the family and up understand the pain but -- there's not a lot of cause to believe another law will make another difference. it seems enforcement will make the difference. i know there is emotion to give it a quick fix but maybe there isn't one. margaret hoover republican strategist what do you think of
10:20 pm
this? can there be compromise? >> and are the propositions laws that will make us feel better but not make us safer. the justice department identified 77 thourk people who have broken a law and been identified on background checks, lying to buy guns and the fbi hasn't turned them over to them and justice hasn't chosen to prosecute this. >> we can fix that easily. the question is where is the common ground? what can we find in terms of the common ground and how do we then get republicans and democrats on board together? i think one of those areas where you are going to have the most likelihood is on background checks. the nra supported it in the past. there are reasonable republicans who are willing to go with a larger majority of democrats in this area. look at suburban democrats outside of philadelphia for example. they are willing to talk about background checks. >> is it enough if you say you are going to make background checks more real. is that enough when people are staring at semiautomatic rifles
10:21 pm
and saying they have to go. we need the assault weapon ban? here's a couple of things. first of all it is not a side issue when you are living in south central los angeles or in chicago. don't say it is a side issue. it is not a side issue for too many community. it is up-front issue. too many of our young people are dying. that said, where too many republicans are is understandable. i think she will agree, you can not be against all of the common sense gun laws. it is near universal acceptance of the idea that we need background checks. it is strong support and cnn's own polling about the need for us to limit these clips. the to do nothing around the issue of guns is a nonstarter. it is not politically sustainable for any party to say we are not going to do anything around guns right now. >> i agree with cornell. i think it is imperative republicans and the nra to be part of the solution. what we are hearing again and
10:22 pm
again from the american public is they want something done. there's nothing wrong with laws ma make you feel better. in fact, we got a ton of laws that make us feel worse. there wouldn't be anything wrong with one that makes us feel better. yes, there's a lot of other things we have to do. we have to reinforce the laws that are already on the books. but if there is common ground that can be reached -- and i think there is. i have spoken to enough republicans in the senate and congress who feel there is common grounds on thing loose like the universal background check and we can not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. if there are certain good things we can agree on, we must do that. it can't be my way or the highway. that extends for both sides of the aisle. the other thing you have to understand here is that there is a lot of democrats. there's not a lot but enough democrats. seven in the senate certainly who are up for re-election who remember the huge democrat losses from the last time this got done.
10:23 pm
you can ask mark pryor in arkansas how he feels. >> van, hold the point. i want to go to break but i want to end on we can't let the perfect get in the way of the good. that's the line of the night so far. we will take a quick break and we will look at the republican response that mark coe rub coe impressive as well and we will show you why and take you to a focus group that got to think of senator rubio's remarks and our reality check. we will have a team looking a the proposals on jobs some stay with us. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. we have more on the breaking news in california. the manhunt for the former police officer christopher dorner. we're going back to los angeles. we will first give you the latest on the other big story, president obama's state of the union speech and reaction to it.
10:27 pm
let's look at what our focus groups in virginia thought of senator marco rubio's response to the president's speech. we measured their reaction while they watched. now, let me explain how this works. the squiggly lines behind me. the blue line is democrats and red is for republicans an yellow is independents. how do they work? well, here's senator rubio's best moment of the night according to the frequency with his own party. it happened at 10:32 when he talked about taxes. >> this idea that our problems were caused by a government that are too small is just not true. in fact, the major cause of our recent downturn is the housing crisis created by reckless government policies and the idea that more taxes and more government spending is the best way to help hard-working middle-class taxpayers is an idea that has failed every time it has been tried. >> democrats on the other hand gave senator rubio low marks for
10:28 pm
similar comments. just about the same time, 10:31. >> presidents in both parties from john f. kennedy to ronald reagan have known that our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle-class prosperity. but president obama he believes it is the cause of our problems. that the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough, spend enough or control enough. and therefore, as you heard tonight, his solution to virtually every problem we face is for washington to tax more, borrow more and spend more. >> with independents, senator rubio scored low marks at 10:40 when he spoke about the second amendment. >> of course we face other challenges, as well. we were all heart broken by the recent tragedy in connecticut. we must effectively be able to rise to violence in our country but unconstitutionally
10:29 pm
undermining the rights of americans is not the way to do it. >> we will go to cnn'ser rin burnett with the focus group in richmond, virginia. erin? >> his speech was a different reaction here than the president. let me ask you, who thought that marco rubio did a good job? definitely have some people but when you compare to what we saw with the president the numbers were overwhelming in terms of being positive for the president. find out what it was that inspired and didn't inspire. let me start with you, flynn. you are an independent and voted both ways. you had something positive to say about marco rubio. >> he makes a pleasing appearance. he's youthful, articulate. his thoughts were well organized, well presented and most of the things he said ai agree. >> there's one point of you. michelle, you are r
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